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  1. Overall Rating 44444
    Network 44444
    Ease to Use 44444
    Service 22222

    Yes, InMotion offers a good value, and initially I was very pleased.

    But I am afraid that they may be falling at the seams, as, in our experience, little by little things are breaking down and are not being fixed. Instead of addressing issues, we are told: we’re aware of the problem, and we do not know when it will be fixed,

    * Automatic logging has been broken for a 5 weeks. If I want the logs refreshed, I have to put in a tech support call, and ask someone to run the logging script manually (and that only works half the time).
    * For the last 2 days, sending emails works 1/3 of the time; the other times we get a time out.
    * Tech support emails are answered no faster than 2 days, and as slow as 5 days.

    Oh, they are very nice and apologetic, which is nice, but they are not fixing the problems!

    I am writing this as I have been waiting (now 15 minutes) for someone at InMotion’s tech support to pick-up the phone.

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