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    I get frequent downtime, with tons of lost emails, and instead of admitting it or heaven forbid sending a warning or apology, I get the simple answer that it was “emergency changes “they had to make to the server and that “it will be some time” before the website is running again. That only after they have tried to swamp you with technical jargon that leads nowhere. How many times has that happened to me? About four times with full loss of data for 12-48 hours. Secondly they have taken to asking for your full website password as a way of verifying who you are before giving IT support. The result is that you have to change your password before calling support, or else your top level domain password is shared with anyone who can overhear. Finally all communications with Hostmonster are treated with the utmost contempt by staff. Clearly they are underpaid and overarrogant. Appalling service.

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