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    HostGator is a great host if you never have to deal with their support team. Unfortunately, you’ll have to do that quite a bit with the way things are set up.

    For whatever reason, a lot of the cPanel functions require you to contact the HostGator staff and have them manually set it up for you. If you create a subdomain, for instance, you’ll have to contact HostGator and have them create it for you. Same goes for mail and FTP accounts, as well as additional domains, and if you want to change any of your information (like e-mail, etc.) This is kind of annoying in and of itself simply because it makes the whole process less streamlined; what’s the point in giving you cPanel options if you have to contact them to manually do things for you?

    But the part that makes it REALLY annoying is that HostGator staff are almost impossible to get in touch with. Their touted 24hr phone service is a huge lie. I have never once been able to get in touch with them via phone. They don’t even put you on hold or anything, or redirect you to an answering machine… it’ll just tell you to call back later. Again, what’s the point in having a 24hr phone line if they never pick up?

    Their ticket system is separate from your cPanel account, which is just baffling. They e-mail you your username/password for the ticket system when you first create an account with them, but if you’re like me and you no longer have access to that particular e-mail account then prepare to jump through a million hurdles just to get a simple issue resolved… because remember, they won’t let you just edit and update your e-mail address yourself. You have to have them manually do it for you, THEN have them send over the welcome message again, THEN you can log in to your ticket account, THEN you can sit in the queue for days on end waiting for your ticket to get resolved. The whole process can take days.

    And if you are on the automatic payment system with them, make sure to keep your credit card info updated. It’s a pain to have to manually update with them, but if you don’t have your current CC info up when it comes time to automatically renew, they purge and cancel your account. It happened to my boss who also had an account with them. No warning, no e-mail asking about it, they just up and delete everything. When he was able to provide his new CC info, they issued an apology and offered to reopen his account, but they wouldn’t be able to recover any of the data. (So much for regular server backups.) Needless to say he didn’t opt to renew.

    If you think you can deal with that kind of BS, I strongly recommend them. In the two years I’ve been with them I’ve never experienced any major downtime, and the price is fantastic for the kind of space and bandwidth they offer. However, I won’t be renewing with them. Too many headaches dealing with them.

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