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  1. Overall Rating 44444
    Network 44444
    Ease to Use 55555
    Service 55555

    I had a good experience with Bluehost overall but ultimately was unhappy because they auto-renewed my hosting at a much higher rate than I originally paid. It was partially an error on my part — I was not on email at the time that the autorenewal occured and so was not able to cancel the subscription, which they would have initially allowed — but I was disappointed that they were not willing to offer a goodwill gesture and waive part of the additional fees.

    Overall my hosting experience with Bluehost was good, but the practice of auto-enrolling in auto-renewal, and at a significantly higher monthly rate, was highly disappointing. It was the kind of legal-but-unpleasant practice which seemed out of character for a generally reputable and customer-oriented hosting company, and which makes me reluctant to recommend the company to friends.

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